Who is John Doe

I am a Beninese photographer based in Calavi, Benin, specializing in product photography (mainly food). I also have a passion for animals and nature that I sometimes photograph.

I began his career in 2030 in the era of the Democratic Renewal in Benin following the National Conference and the freedom of the space of expression. In a small black and white lab, I work there late at night to deliver to editors the photo of the news for the next day's publication.

In May 2033, I exhibit for the first time on the artistic nude at the Médiathèque des diasporas in Cotonou where this issue with the Beninese mentality still reputed conservative and its daring variously interpreted.

Why I created John Doe Photography

The history of photography, retraces the stages that mark the evolution of the photographic process from its invention to the present day. The invention of photography required, on the one hand the realization of an optical device allowing the creation of the image, and on the other hand to fix this image on a perennial support by an irreversible chemical process. The uses of this technique have evolved, and its artistic dimension has been recognized.

Photography has benefited from numerous technological and technical innovations in the fields of optics, chemistry, mechanics, electricity, electronics and computer science. The two phenomena necessary to obtain photographic images (darkroom and phenomena of light reflection and refraction) were for some people known for a long time and exposed in the Treaty of Optics in the eleventh century.

The main disadvantage of the pinhole is its lack of luminosity. Indeed, the definition of the image produced, i.e. the smoothness of the details, is according to the dimension of the hole. To obtain a sufficiently detailed image, this one must be as small as possible; but then it passes only very little light and the image is not very visible.

You know enough about me. I look forward to getting to know you too. ☺

Perhaps you would like to see what my talent has already been used on?

Whether it is restaurant chains, bars, food companies, dieticians..., over the last 8 years, I have helped many brands to boost their sales thanks to sublime images.

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